CBD 100 100MG BATH SOAPS 5 pack assorted

CBD 100 100MG BATH SOAPS 5 pack assorted

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You will receive 5 assorted Bath soaps 

CBD BATH soaps are the latest CBD-infused topical product to hit the market. Using it CBD soap promotes skin wellness and can help those battling from eczema and both facial and body acne.


CBD soap is a product laden with lots of skin soothing essential fatty acids derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant.

CBD infused soaps have an advantage over the routinely used soaps since they lack industrial chemicals which tend to damage the skin.

Using CBD soap will not get a person high.

Using CBD soap will produce little to no side effects, with the most common being fatigue and dizziness.

CBD soap is one of the easiest ways to incorporate CBD into your body.